Scrambled Egg Enchiladas with Fruit

What We Ate – Mother’s Day Weekend Edition

Since I’m finding it impossible to keep up with blogging during this very demanding and needy stage that my son is currently in, I’m just going to have to do a few posts where I catch up on the meals I’ve wanted to share with you. Today, I’ll start by sharing some of the lovely vegetarian things we ate this weekend – my second Mother’s Day as a mom. Basically, these are just more examples of the delicious meals that my meat-eating husband cooks for me – I am truly feeling lucky and spoiled of late. (Please try to look past the quality of these photos. Right now this is the best I can do with my iPhone and the lighting in our house.)

Breakfast Egg Enchiladas

Scrambled Egg Enchiladas with Fruit

Yesterday morning Tim let me sleep in and got up with Sebastian. When I got up an hour later the coffee was made, and then Tim cooked scrambled egg enchiladas. He used a store bought, jarred sauce, and our opinion was that it was – meh. It needed more heat. We’ll have to tweak this meal, but didn’t it look pretty!

Easy Supper – Farro Salad, Veggie Chorizo, and Sauteed Greens

Farro Salad, Veggie Chorizo, and Sauteed GreensLast night was yet another example of Tim’s genius in the kitchen. He had bought a ton of greens at the local farmer’s market – mustard, turnip, kale, arugula…. While chatting with some of the people about greens, somebody mentioned that he loved to eat mustard greens with chorizo sausage, but that he couldn’t since his wife was vegetarian. Tim is not one to be deterred, so even though we’ve tried vegetarian chorizo in the past and it wasn’t that great, Tim remembered that there was still a brand we hadn’t tried. He picked up some up on the way home and sauteed them in olive oil. Chorizo and mustard greens is a great combo!

But the real genius of the meal was the farro salad. This was our first time trying this mostly whole grain (I guess it’s pearled, so part of it is removed or sanded down – I have to do more research into it) and Tim’s preparation was inspired. He tossed it with grated parmesan cheese, arugula, peas, olive oil, salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice, which I couldn’t really taste. It was a very satisfying meal.

Mother’s Day Breakfast – Veggie Sausage Scramble

Veggie Sausage Scramble, Small Quesadilla, Honeydew Melon

Mother's Day Breakfast!

The not-so-great picture above, is of the breakfast that Tim made for me this morning (again, he got up early with Sebastian and let me sleep in Рsquee!): Scrambled eggs with veggie sausage (a different one, apple and fennel flavor, I think) and greens leftover from dinner last night (mild mustard greens and turnip greens, saut̩ed), with a small cheese quesadilla, and a slice of honeydew melon.

Mother’s Day Lunch – Farro Salad and Sardines

Farro Salad, Sardines, and Fruit

Mother's Day Lunch!

As I said, last night Tim made farro for the first time and it was a huge success. We are thrilled that it makes a great leftover lunch and we are going to start making bigger batches for Tim to pack in his lunch throughout the week. As for the sardines, I prefer smaller sardines, but these have a mild flavor and taste good if I just try not to look at them. I pretty much chopped them up with my fork and mixed them into my farro salad. It was like a very grown up tuna-noodle casserole.

And by the way, Sebastian is quite fond of sardines too! I can’t find the photo I took of the first time he ate a sardine, but here is another cheeky pic of him instead.

Sebastian Sticking His Tongue Out

As you can see, we’ve been eating a lot of eggs and veggie sausage lately. We’re actually trying to find some alternative proteins to that – but this is what you end up with when you have an open-minded meat-eater and a “pescotarian” that hates to cook.

Sardines! For Lunch!

What you’re looking at: Open-faced sardine sandwiches. Tim brushed some garlic onto toasted baguette pieces and added some baby arugula from the farmer’s market, a sliver of fresh Parmesan cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We paired it with fresh fresh produce from the local farmer’s market – Armenian cucumber, and heirloom tomatoes, drizzled in olive oil, salt and pepper.

I’m so lucky to be married to my husband! As you may or may not know, I’ve been finding cooking to be a real challenge lately. I’m trying hard to be inspired, but I’d really just rather not cook – at all – ever! But last week he got home from work early and made lunch for us. This lunch could be right out of Bon Appetit or Gourmet Magazine as far as I’m concerned – except that our photos were taken with an iPhone – still can’t find my camera charger!!!!! – so the quality is meh.

Tim’s been pushing the sardines on me lately because the omega-3s and other stuff are sooo good for our growing baby’s brain as well as for me, since the only meat I eat is seafood. They are extremely low in mercury.

Interestingly, my small-town-Iowa-boy husband, who eats more pork than anyone else I’ve met, has been going mostly vegetarian himself in the past several months. But lately, he’s been asking constantly if we should buy fresh fish to grill, from the local guy who has it flown into our small town (Tim insists that the fish selection here has been of higher quality than from the fish market in Denver). And he seems to want sardines every night before dinner!

Except that I haven’t been as much in the mood for fish lately. And sardines are only recently beginning to be palatable to me ever since I got pregnant. Luckily for me, these sardines have earned 5/5 tins on the Society for the Appreciation of the Lowly Tinned Sardine blog – which I know about because my adorable husband told me. Meaning? They taste great! They are mild and not “fishy” at all. I think I’ll definitely trade in canned-tuna for these for the rest of the pregnancy.

I really recommend that you give them a try.