A Wordless Wednesday




Midnight Musing With Baby

It’s been a rough couple if weeks. Things had been fantastic at the beginning of the three month mark; Sebastian was sleeping longer and more regularly each day. I was feeling more well rested, was exercising, and feeling slightly productive during his nap times.

Then we decided he had grown out of his infant bed and was ready for the big bassinet (not the crib in another room, not yet). Now we are back to square one. So I’ve been struggling the past couple of weeks. Not sleeping. Feeling pessimistic during the days because of lack of sleep. Back to barely managing anything productive in the day time because he won’t even take regular naps.

But, I remind myself to slow down again and enjoy this special time with Sebastian. Before he is old enough to push me away. Before another sibling is taking up my time. I relish the times he does nurse sweetly and cozily – because two weeks ago he would fuss, scream, and claw at me while nursing. (Just last weekend we went out and about all of Saturday, buying shoes for both if us, looking at bikes, eating sushi, generally enjoying shopping and eating out after Tim had worked two weekends in a row, and after leaving the bike shop he pointed out that the tiny claw marks were visible all over my chest and décolletage).

I remind myself, in the worst moods, that it is merely lack of sleep that makes me feel hopeless and overwhelmed, and that it will pass. Things will begin to get easier again (I was recently told this happens around four months, so I’ve got a couple of weeks to go).

I truly enjoy this little guy snuggling up in my arms. His personality comes out more every day. And this evening I was trying to straighten up his room and began folding up things he has outgrown to put away. I couldn’t believe how tiny some of them were. Then when I came to our bedroom to go to bed I couldn’t believe how big he has gotten in his bassinet.

Then just when i’d finished brushing my teeth, he woke up, fussed, then smiled at me, and I picked his heavy little body up. I am now nursing him while I write this.

And doubtless, later tonight I will fall asleep in this chair for another couple of hours, wreaking havoc on my neck, my back, and my mood. He’s been averaging six wake-ups a night and it’s killing me. But I’m okay with that. This baby-tending can totally suck at times, but I’m well aware that it passes all too quickly and that I will look back and romanticize this quiet time in the night when I provide all to my little one.

Determined to Write, Also, Smartphones and Apps!

Here I sit with my baby asleep on my lap.

I’ve found it nearly impossible to write this past week. I want badly to keep up my blog and explore the issues on my mind, but new mommy-hood just gets in the way. I still have a really tough time putting Sebastian down and that usually leaves me with one hand to type, which I can hardly stand. For someone who has been typing fast and furious and without looking at the keys since typing class in 7th grade, it’s just too cumbersome and slow to hunt and peck. Plus I’m usually at an angle where I can’t see the letters, and without two hands in proper position, I can’t do it by feel, so I end up squinting at the keyboard and missing and re-typing over and over and over.

Then, there is the tiredness factor. Night after night, I try and fail to make changes towards having him stay asleep longer. I’m even trying a bit of the old co-sleeping because my breastfeeding book said it is the best way to get sleep. (Although Baby Wise, the book that is supposed to be the secret to getting a baby to sleep longer, insists that co-sleeping will rob me of sleep over time!) And with a brain this tired, it’s difficult to remember what I planned to write about.

So that leaves me where I find myself now, managing barely a post a week, yet wanting to post daily, and forgetting everything I wanted to post about all week when I do. Honestly, you wouldn’t think it would be this difficult. I have a smartphone – all I have to do is start writing notes about what I want to post about. But when I’m not trying to throw something in the laundry, load the dishwasher, or perform some act of grooming – such as an every-third-day-shower – I’ve got the baby fussing in my lap, using one hand to hold my boob in his mouth while I’m scrolling through Twitter, blogs, and Facebook on my new iPhone* with the other, and again, it’s impossible for me to type an entire blog-post with one hand.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a new mei tai style carrier online from BabyHawk. Unfortunately, with my perfectionism, it took me about three days to choose the fabrics (one side for my husband, and one side for me), and now I have to wait 3-10 days for them to even mail it.

But I’m certain that once I receive it, it will change my productivity level. Not only will I have two hands free for household chores, but I’ll be able to type with two hands (if not sitting down, than standing and rocking in front of my laptop at the kitchen counter). Let’s hope that it’s true!

*(As a side note, I have waited almost two years to trade in my Palm Centro for an iPhone and am in love! The baby was due in January and I was due for a new phone in February. I just kept playing those dates through my mind. January, baby. February, phone. January, baby. February, phone! And the iPhone 4 has not disappointed. I have Apps for all my needs. The TV Guide App has been very handy for watching TV in the bedroom, as I hardly seem to get up from this armchair while Tim is at work. And I have an App to help me remember which breast he’s fed on last and how long it has been since he fed last. And I’m truly grateful for this technology during this transition to motherhood and mommy-blogging. I can’t imagine how much more isolated I would have felt without access to other mothers online. Plus, I feel like I’m part of the club, since social media moms are five times more likely to carry a smart phone.)