My son with his hair sticking out

You Do What You Gotta Do

(I wrote this two days ago and it took this long to get it posted.)

It is plum hard to blog while a toddler, just shy of twenty months old, is awake.

Ditto when packing all one’s possessions into boxes and moving them across town, just to have to get them all out of the boxes and into some kind of order.

And it got sooooo crazy at the end of the packing. All of the boxes are scrambled – and the unpacking is not working out at all like I had hoped.


And do you know just how irritating it is when you thought your toddler was going to take a nap, to let you finally write! – and finally break this cycle of blog silence – but he just won’t?!

So you pack him into the car – in which instantly falls asleep – except now you have to waste this nap because you really need to run the couple of errands that you were going to do later after he woke up.  So now, out of sheer stubbornness, instead of going directly to your errands, you’re sitting in a taco restaurant (Panchero’s, which we used to frequent in Iowa City, how crazy is that? It’s not a very big restaurant chain but there’s one in this small Colorado town) typing on your laptop, while your toddler sleeps in his car seat in the booth across from you, because you don’t want to waste the precious time he’s asleep on errands, because you don’t want to give up the idea that today you are finally going to post something again, darn it! (Seriously, I haven’t taken my laptop out with me in months.) And then you notice you forgot to put your wedding bands back on after you put on lotion this morning. Ick! Don’t you hate that eerie feeling of having your bare ring finger out in public?

Whew! It’s been rough. It’s been rough because I really, really want to be blogging. But this boy is just so demanding of my time. I am not going to plop him in front of the TV just so I can blog. (Though it is tempting.) But man, I hate wasting his nap on errands when I could be using it for me time.

Yeah, so that’s where I’m at these days. If I’m not blogging, you know why.

Here is a picture I took this morning after breakfast.

My son with his hair sticking out

This happened to his hair all on its own. We put him into the stroller and went for a run and that’s what he looked like when we took him out. The picture does not do the hairdo justice. And do you know how difficult it is to get a toddler to pose for a photo now that he knows he can instantly see it on your camera phone? I have countless blurry photos of him running at me with a big grin on his face while I’m shouting “No! No! No! Stay there! Stay there!”

He is at a delightful age though. (Even if he sent me from calm and this-is-going-to-be-a-good-day-finally to irritated-beyond-belief when he popped up in his crib for the umpteenth time and I realized that my plans were going to be foiled again.) He is starting to try out more and more words, parroting back things that we say. Tim and I had a laugh-attack last night when I was asking him to say words, “Can you say mama? Can you say daddy? Can you say car-car? Can you say doggie? Can you say car keys? (He does, ever so cutely – with a velar fricative to make a linguist’s knees buckle.) Can you say coconut?”

And for coconut he suddenly made up a really convoluted sign with his hand. And he repeated it again and again while we asked him to say “coconut” while sharing a good belly laugh. Losing our breath a little – but trying to downplay it so he wouldn’t  get worried we were laughing at him.

I know it’s not funny, really, to anyone but us. (And you really had to be there.) But that bizarre invention of a sign, for no reason, from my child – that is the kind of moment that manages to ease the irritation of my day-to-day and the realization that I’ve given up all notion of free, or me-, time for the next decade or so.

Here are a couple more pics from our photo shoot today.

Another pic with his hair sticking out

Another pic of my son with this hair sticking out

One last pic of posing with his funny hair

Lady Bloggers Social Conference, a Teething Baby, and a Sick Hubby

Photo on 2011-07-09 at 14.13
Sebastian is teething so I spent a lot of the day standing and swaying with him in the Babyhawk Mei Tai baby carrier, while watching session speakers on my laptop and interacting with conference participants via chat. This photo was taken with my laptop camera as I was watching a speaker.

Here is a brief update on my life this weekend:

(1) This weekend, I’m attending the Lady Blogger Social Online Conference, a friend is coming to visit, and my husband threw up last night (Food poisoning? Stomach bug?) so my plate is FULL!

Oh, and one of Sebastian’s top teeth poked through today to top it all off! So….incredibly moody baby.

Lady Blogger Socail Badge

(2) The conference has been really great so far! Among other things, I’m learning to network, which has always been difficult for this formerly shy gal.

(3) Just as I begin to feel good that I’m doing more laundry these days (and possibly catching up?), I realize that I still have clothes in the dryer from two days ago, and I’m going to have to leave the wet load in the basket till tomorrow, because I can’t run the dryer right now and risk waking the baby up. Wah-wah-wah (sad trombone sound effect).

(4) Because of the baby, the conference, my sick hubby, and a friend’s crisis, I haven’t had time to shower since before my workout yesterday morning. 🙁


Sorry for the TMI there, but it had to be said.

(5) I’ve got lots to catch up on – I’ve been exercising and have joined Weight Watchers, so we’ll be talking about how physical health affects mental health, and also cheap healthy lunch choices this coming week.

(6) Oh yeah, after avoiding them for a long time, I’ve started watching hoarding shows, there have been an abundance of them the past few days.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Determined to Write, Also, Smartphones and Apps!

Here I sit with my baby asleep on my lap.

I’ve found it nearly impossible to write this past week. I want badly to keep up my blog and explore the issues on my mind, but new mommy-hood just gets in the way. I still have a really tough time putting Sebastian down and that usually leaves me with one hand to type, which I can hardly stand. For someone who has been typing fast and furious and without looking at the keys since typing class in 7th grade, it’s just too cumbersome and slow to hunt and peck. Plus I’m usually at an angle where I can’t see the letters, and without two hands in proper position, I can’t do it by feel, so I end up squinting at the keyboard and missing and re-typing over and over and over.

Then, there is the tiredness factor. Night after night, I try and fail to make changes towards having him stay asleep longer. I’m even trying a bit of the old co-sleeping because my breastfeeding book said it is the best way to get sleep. (Although Baby Wise, the book that is supposed to be the secret to getting a baby to sleep longer, insists that co-sleeping will rob me of sleep over time!) And with a brain this tired, it’s difficult to remember what I planned to write about.

So that leaves me where I find myself now, managing barely a post a week, yet wanting to post daily, and forgetting everything I wanted to post about all week when I do. Honestly, you wouldn’t think it would be this difficult. I have a smartphone – all I have to do is start writing notes about what I want to post about. But when I’m not trying to throw something in the laundry, load the dishwasher, or perform some act of grooming – such as an every-third-day-shower – I’ve got the baby fussing in my lap, using one hand to hold my boob in his mouth while I’m scrolling through Twitter, blogs, and Facebook on my new iPhone* with the other, and again, it’s impossible for me to type an entire blog-post with one hand.

Anyway, I’ve ordered a new mei tai style carrier online from BabyHawk. Unfortunately, with my perfectionism, it took me about three days to choose the fabrics (one side for my husband, and one side for me), and now I have to wait 3-10 days for them to even mail it.

But I’m certain that once I receive it, it will change my productivity level. Not only will I have two hands free for household chores, but I’ll be able to type with two hands (if not sitting down, than standing and rocking in front of my laptop at the kitchen counter). Let’s hope that it’s true!

*(As a side note, I have waited almost two years to trade in my Palm Centro for an iPhone and am in love! The baby was due in January and I was due for a new phone in February. I just kept playing those dates through my mind. January, baby. February, phone. January, baby. February, phone! And the iPhone 4 has not disappointed. I have Apps for all my needs. The TV Guide App has been very handy for watching TV in the bedroom, as I hardly seem to get up from this armchair while Tim is at work. And I have an App to help me remember which breast he’s fed on last and how long it has been since he fed last. And I’m truly grateful for this technology during this transition to motherhood and mommy-blogging. I can’t imagine how much more isolated I would have felt without access to other mothers online. Plus, I feel like I’m part of the club, since social media moms are five times more likely to carry a smart phone.)