Me standing in front of our new house

Home Ownership Starts off With a Bang! And a Letdown

Here is a cheesy-happy photo of me after we finally closed on our first house.

Me standing in front of our new houseThe day was pretty wild and dramatic – yet anti-climactic. Here are the events of that roller coaster ride.

As we were handing over our cashiers check to close the deal – it was discovered that we had made it out incorrectly and we had to run to the bank to print a new one. While doing that we got caught in a sudden, wild thunder storm (we’ve been in the middle of a drought for months). I dropped Tim off at the bank and began to drive around to induce sleep in a very tired baby. Suddenly the rain was pelting my windshield so bad I could barely see. I inched my way back to the bank and barely avoided a lightning bolt that came straight down like the hand of God onto the intersection I was turning into. The boom of thunder shook me senseless. I wish I had a photo of Tim’s face when he got back into the car.  He had been certain that the bank would loose power before they finished printing our check. We made our perilous way through the blinding rain, back to the title company as another insane bold of lighting came straight down out of the sky – onto what I was sure was the title company! We were laughing and joking maybe this is a sign that we shouldn’t buy this house! Nervous laughter.

When we got to the title company we had to figure out how get into the building while keeping the check dry and the baby sleeping. It was a blur of umbrellas (a stroke of luck that we had two in the back of the car from a recent trip), wind, rain, and soaking wet jeans. Once we were inside, we handed the check over and that was it. We now had an awakened and disoriented baby, wet clothes, and keys to our very first home!

But, the drama wasn’t over. My mother is also trying to buy her very first home in the same town as us, which means she’s doing from long distance. There was a deadline for her that day too, so we spent the next couple of hours talking back and forth between my sister and brother-in-law in Louisiana, mom in California, and us in Colorado, while the thunder and rain kept coming. Our realtor let us use take over his office so I could use the Internet in the storm and Tim graciously chased around our toddler while I handled this.

When it was finally finished and we got back in the car we were three tired, cranky people. It was the witching our between dinner and baby’s bedtime. By this time were too tired to even stop by the new house. But I persuaded Tim to pick up a pizza to eat on the floor in the dining room anyway. We had to christen our new home, right!?

Unfortunately, when we got there the power wasn’t on yet. This meant that our garage door opener didn’t work and we had to get out into the rain again. (Luckily we have a sweet circular drive so we were able to pull right up front).

Our sweet circular driveway

When we got inside, all of the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms were going off at the same time.

Let me not be overly dramatic here:

It was hell.

But when it was all said and done and we returned to our rental that night, we were greeted with a giant double rainbow.

A giant double rainbow from my backyard

The end of the rainbow through the clouds

I’m still processing the feeling of being a new homeowner. We won’t get to officially move until next Saturday – and the past week and a half have been full of stress over the house mom might be buying, as well as trying to pack by myself with a toddler while Tim was working two weekends in a row.

I’m looking forward to the end of this limbo that I’m in. But if you bear with me, I swear I have lots of new posts planned for after I move. Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before. 😉 But I’m serious this time. I’m on the threshold of a new life of home-ownership and homemaking and I have lots to talk about.

Tim and Sebastian checking out the backyard

Tim and Sebastian each appreciating the finer points of the backyard.

Tim and Sebastian standing in front of the backyard fountain.

I think we're gonna like it here!

How To Get Back On That Proverbial Horse (Or Bicycle)

  1.  Ignore the naysayers, real and imaginary
  2. Get Over It: Don’t Dwell In, or On, the Fall
  3. Just Do It, AKA, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

I’ve had some big falls off of the bicycle of life.

When I was suffering from chronic depression in college, I accumulated seven Fs on my transcript because I wasn’t able to handle the necessary hoop jumping to get certain classes dropped – which I should never have been signed up for in the first place. *Sigh*

You would think seven Fs would kill your college career for good, and yet, even when my appeal was denied to get some of them retroactively removed, I was still able to get my master’s degree in Linguistics, a very difficult field.

How did I do it?

(1) Ignore the naysayers, real and imaginary

I didn’t allow my negative self-talk, or anyone else, to deter me from my goal to enter the field of Linguistics and to finish with my Master’s degree. When I had to face the head of the Linguistics department with my seven Fs, I held my head high and said, “I am aware this looks bad, but I know I can do this.” After his initial skepticism (boy did he hit me with some heavy condescension!), it was he who invited me to apply for the Master’s program two years later.

(2) Get Over It: Don’t Dwell In, or On, the Fall

I know there are many people who would have given up for good upon failing out of college – as I essentially did (I was required to take a year off before I was permitted to try again). It is for that reason that I trot out this story over and over again. I did not dwell in the story of my failure, deciding to be a college dropout for the rest of my life. Nor do I dwell on that story of failure, by using it as a “poor me” story. Instead my story of failure has become a story of success.

(3) Just Do It, AKA, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Get back on the bike. When my academic probation was over, I held my transcript in my hand and met with the head of the Linguistics department. That took tenacity. Guts!

In the end, really, you have nothing to lose.

Currently I’ve fallen off the blogging bicycle.

Somehow I’ve let the weeks slip by and have not posted in two months! It never used to matter so much when I let time pass without posting, but now this blogging thing is more than a purging of thoughts to me – I care about what I’m doing in this space – and I don’t want to lose all my readers by being perceived as an unreliable poster.

How do I solve this according to the above strategy?

(1) Ignore the naysayers, real and imaginary

For me, aside from my fears that my readers all hate me now, is my extreme writer’s block stemming from, “What exactly do I write to fill in the blanks of several weeks gone by?” Seriously, where do I start? So much has happened in the past two months! Sebastian has begun eating solid foods, has eight teeth, enjoys swimming (being held and swirled around in deep water), and is crawling!

(2) Get Over It: Don’t Dwell In, or On, the Fall

I messed up.

Why didn’t I just post the following?

:: Summer Break ::

“Dear readers, I’ll be taking a summer break. I will resume with weekly Keep or Purge posts sometime in September.

Enjoy your summer!”

I refuse to identify myself as a failed blogger. I have blogging goals that I have not yet reached and I’ll never get there if I keep replaying that negative self talk over and over and over. Yes, I’m upset with myself for not at least foreseeing that I would need to take a summer break and alerting my readers to that fact. But what’s done is done.

(3) Just Do It, AKA, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

And here I am! I’ve done it. I was terrified to post again, but now I have! I’m back on that horse, or bicycle.

Or whatever. 😉

A Focused Clutter Attack

Two promises I make today:

My messy dresser top.

This picture will be explained by the end of the post.

Promise One:  I will blog more often. (As in 1-7 times a week.)

I cannot count the number of times I have taken photos for this blog with the intention of posting about either my husband’s cooking or my messy house. But I’m a HUGE procrastinator which means that I rarely finish what I start. I’m also a perfectionist, so the things I DO get done take about seven times longer than they should (it took me a minute to finish that sentence because I was deciding whether it took me a hundred times longer, ten times longer, or just two or three times longer – then I chose seven because I like that number). Which for blogging means that I take about fifty photos (again, is it twenty, thirty, a hundred photos…?) for every one I post, but I think every post NEEDS a photo so I either don’t post or I take forever choosing the photos for it.


I have a new blogging vow.

I will not let photos – or my perfectionism – get in the way of blogging. Sometimes I will write picture-less posts and sometimes, like right now, I will compose one-handed posts on my iPhone, while Sebastian squirms and nurses in my lap. (Also, I will post shitty photos once in a while. What the hey – because it’s better than never posting at all.)

Promise two:  I will finally, methodically, face the clutter in my house.

This is where the focusing comes in. I’ve said before that I’m what is called a Messy.  I have a major chronic disorganization problem. But I cannot keep living this way.

The whole point of this blog was to figure it out before a baby came along! MASSIVE FAIL!

I have a couple of books by experts on hoarding and they say to start with one tiny area at a time. If your couch is covered in crap, just clean one couch cushion at a time. Deal with and sort each item and don’t let anything get put back in that spot.

So that is my goal. I’m going to focus on one tiny area at a time – really focus and really figure out what the problem is, why the clutter has built up, and what to do about each item.

I’m going to start the top of my dresser. It has looked like this pretty much since we moved in last August. I am simply the queen of ignoring clutter and letting it build up. I figure posting about the process will give me the accountability I need to finish something that I start.


I’ll let you know how the weekend goes.


Clutter on my dresser - Never to return???