About The JHP

The Joyful Housewife Project is about my quest to find joy in daily life as I live with chronic depression, as well as to embrace with equanimity, my current position as a homemaker, considering I’m the daughter of a hoarder.

Jessica, author of The Joyful Housewife Project

It is about radical acceptance.

It is about opening my eyes and heart to who I am and where I am in life – right now!

Staying home while my kids are young is one step on my journey, and a very challenging step for me personally.

Lacking the skills to keep a house, and knowing that life is not a race, my goal is to find domestic bliss … eventually.

Life is never what you expected it would be.

On the one hand, I never imagined that I’d even make it through school (with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics) and end up married to a wonderful partner and growing my own family.

But on the other hand, I expected to have a career!

In a world that defines us by our career, what am I?

A homemaker? A housewife?!

As the daughter of a hoarder, I grew up in an environment that did not teach me the skills to be the very thing that I am right now.

Indeed, I’m domestically, as well as mood, challenged.

Follow along as I discuss my challenges with de-cluttering my life of the trappings of being a depressed hoarder’s daughter.

I will be posting about my path of acceptance and mindfulness, about my quest to find joy and keep my body and mind healthy, as well as my project to explore the emotional side of acquiring and parting with stuff.

Follow me on my journey to embrace who I am, and where I’m at now, as I learn the skills to have my bliss, eventually.

You can reach me at:
joyfulhausfrau (at) gmail (dot) com

2 thoughts on “About The JHP

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog when I googled “pregnancy blues.” Awesome right? We have a lot in common: I’m 33, pregnant with my first. Lived in San Diego, Denver, San Diego, Denver and now Chicago (job stuff–gotta love the recession). I’m also a Linguist and love teaching ESL (when there are jobs). I like your blog!

  2. Hi, great blog! I am a writer living in the Midwest. I found your blog when I googled “housework.” I’m trying to have a better attitude toward it. After all, our houses have to be cleaned. And I love your vitage pieces.

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