Lady Bloggers Social Conference, a Teething Baby, and a Sick Hubby

Photo on 2011-07-09 at 14.13
Sebastian is teething so I spent a lot of the day standing and swaying with him in the Babyhawk Mei Tai baby carrier, while watching session speakers on my laptop and interacting with conference participants via chat. This photo was taken with my laptop camera as I was watching a speaker.

Here is a brief update on my life this weekend:

(1) This weekend, I’m attending the Lady Blogger Social Online Conference, a friend is coming to visit, and my husband threw up last night (Food poisoning? Stomach bug?) so my plate is FULL!

Oh, and one of Sebastian’s top teeth poked through today to top it all off! So….incredibly moody baby.

Lady Blogger Socail Badge

(2) The conference has been really great so far! Among other things, I’m learning to network, which has always been difficult for this formerly shy gal.

(3) Just as I begin to feel good that I’m doing more laundry these days (and possibly catching up?), I realize that I still have clothes in the dryer from two days ago, and I’m going to have to leave the wet load in the basket till tomorrow, because I can’t run the dryer right now and risk waking the baby up. Wah-wah-wah (sad trombone sound effect).

(4) Because of the baby, the conference, my sick hubby, and a friend’s crisis, I haven’t had time to shower since before my workout yesterday morning. 🙁


Sorry for the TMI there, but it had to be said.

(5) I’ve got lots to catch up on – I’ve been exercising and have joined Weight Watchers, so we’ll be talking about how physical health affects mental health, and also cheap healthy lunch choices this coming week.

(6) Oh yeah, after avoiding them for a long time, I’ve started watching hoarding shows, there have been an abundance of them the past few days.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Lady Bloggers Social Conference, a Teething Baby, and a Sick Hubby

  1. I’m stopping by from the LBS conference, it was nice to meet you there!
    I love the exercise and mental illness. Let me know if you need resources on that topic!

  2. Thank you Missy! It was great to meet you too. We’ll be in touch through email, don’t forget to leave yours in the LBS forum.

  3. I definitely recommend it if they have it again next year – and I’m assuming they will.

    It was a great choice for me because you attend from your very own home! I had been seriously considering going to BlogHer in San Diego this year, but it’s the only time we have to go visit family in the Midwest, so it’ not going to work out. But I got a good conference in anyway, met a lot of people, and got motivated.

    Maybe I’ll see you there next time!

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