Telluride Bluegrass Festival Blogging Hiatus

Where have I been? At the Telluride Bluegrass Festival! Here are some highlights from our weekend:

In these first photos we are watching Bela Fleck in Elks Park.


Mostly I spent the weekend tending to the baby while my friends drank and had a blast. A lot of time was spent by me and my husband, cupping our hands over Sebastian’s ears. We wish we had looked into ear-plug-muffs before we left.

The last night was in the 40s with freezing rain. We sat under our canopy chairs in the rain for Mumford & Sons.




Here is a 20 second clip of the rain:

And for the last Mumford & Sons song we were huddled in our chairs and I was cupping Sebby’s ears, but the energy of everyone in the crowd, ah, it still puts tears in my eyes. My husband and I were both kicking ourselves for not filming it, but this person did:

When the clouds broke, we looked behind us and there was new snow dumped on the mountains.


We stuck it out and were rewarded by an awesome performance by Robert Plant.

Led Zeppelin is possibly my all time favorite band.

We returned Monday afternoon, and now my husband’s parents are in town for the week. I know I missed the Keep or Purge :: Trash or Treasure last week. I hope to resume it this Thursday or Friday.