Keep or Purge :: The Vintage Rocking Horse

(If this is the first Keep or Purge :: Trash or Treasure post that you have stumbled upon, you might want to check out my explanation of it here. Basically, I am sharing my real life struggles with deciding what to do with the STUFF in my life.)

Vintage Toy HorseThis is week three of Keep or Purge :: Trash or Treasure. I thought after posting two paper items, that had questionable value, I’d step it up a notch and post something that has a lot of sentimental value, and for some people, possible monetary value.

This was my older sister’s rocking horse. It spent many years in the machine shed of my godfather’s farm, then was passed on to me when he died. My sister lives several states away and we’ve never even discussed whether she wants the rocking horse. I had it in a storage unit that I spent money on for over a year, and since I got married four years ago, it has followed us from house to house; garage, to basement, to garage.

I’m not planning on getting rid of it at this point, but I don’t exactly know what to do with it either. Do I somehow display it decoratively? Surely I don’t actually let my son ride it! It seems dangerous!!!

What would you do with it?

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4 thoughts on “Keep or Purge :: The Vintage Rocking Horse

  1. You could display it, with ivy plants around it maybe and a cute vintage cowboy type of doll on it. Maybe even a wagon wheel behind it or something. If you have the room. Our house wouldn’t have the room though. I remember riding one not quite so old but the same design when I was a child and thankfully, survived.

  2. Thanks for the decorating tips, Polish Mama….

    I’m terrible at that sort of thing. And, yeah, having the space for something like that is really the key. Right now we don’t really have the space to use it decoratively, but in the future I might. I’ll let you know!

  3. Even though your sister lives several states away, I would offer it to her. If it is not important to her to keep, why would it be important to you. If it is important, she will cherish the return of her horse.

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