Keep or Purge :: Rocking Elephant

(If this is the first Keep or Purge :: Trash or Treasure post that you have stumbled upon, you might want to check out my explanation of it here. Basically, I am sharing my real life struggles with deciding what to do with the STUFF in my life.)

And now, the counterpart to last weeks vintage rocking horse.

Rocking ElephantThis was my rocking elephant. My mother can’t remember who made it, but somebody did. It’s missing one of it’s rocking legs. I’ve been moving it from house to house with the leg, but I don’t know what happened to it in the last move.

It turns out that our neighbors like to refinish furniture and have a store, so I might ask them to fix it up for me. What do you think? Should I keep it? Should I get rid of it? Is it garbage? Should it go to Goodwill?

Please give your opinion and comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Keep or Purge :: Rocking Elephant

  1. I’d get your neighbor to fix it up, and then you can use it for your baby. It’s super cute. A definite keeper, but only if you’re actually going to fix it up.

  2. I agree. I have a new resolve to be honest with myself about what I actually will and will not do. I will only keep things that I actually take action on. So I will talk to my neighbors about restoring it.

    I appreciate the outside opinion. I miss the days when my big sis took me to shop at the Rose Bowl swap meet – I miss treasuring my treasures. I think it’s essential to do that. Use it – display it – or let it go.


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