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So I haven’t showered in … 3 days? And now would be my chance, except, “Dont’cha understand, ma? I gotta write?!

I’ve got blogging fever right now and I really want to keep it going. And I want to keep taking and ORGANIZING pictures. I’m feeling particularly good today in the few moments when I can squeeze in some writing and such.

Plus, looking out the window – it’s REALLY windy today – so I don’t think we’ll be going on a walk any time soon. And the post-office is closed today… So why do I need to have clean hair?

Moving on …


Eating with Baby

Eating with Baby 2

As I’m sitting here eating lunch bouncing Sebastian on one knee, holding a bottle in his mouth as he’s too young to do so himself, and eating with the other hand, I’ve realized, “Hey, I’m actually good at this!” Good in a way that I know my husband, and even many of my friends are not. I was holding a baby and his bottle, eating, and reading through my email, responding with one hand at the same time. It happened because I was determined to eat in one sitting while it was hot. After popping up and down several times to stick my face down at eye level where he was lying, and complaining, in his play gym, I scooped him up and grabbed the bottle with barely an ounce of cold expressed milk out of the fridge and ended up here.

And when I realized that there was no way my husband could manage to feed Sebastian a bottle and eat, much less be reading email, I felt talented! I felt skillful!

And I needed that, I really, really needed that. I feel extreme gratitude that I’m able to stay home indefinitely with my child, but I’m an intelligent 21st century woman, and I, of course, thought I’d be doing “more” with myself than this.

And I am, by continuing to write and imagine a creatively productive future for myself. I’m trying to re-define what work and success means – I think we’ve been incredibly closed minded about this since we broke through the barriers that kept us out of men’s careers in the past. Yes, we can now do what men do. But what else can we do? Can we create a world where we get to use our skills and intellects in the adult world, while being present for our children?

That is the never-ending question for someone like me. Because I will never be happy being “just a mommy,” or “just a housewife.”


1. Sebastian has had two bottom teeth for a few weeks and the jury is out on whether he will be getting more teeth sooner, or much later. But something may be happening because he has been quite irritable the past few days, grabbing fist-fulls of my hair – right at the roots if it’s pulled back – kicking and hitting me as he lies wide awake next to me in the wee hours of the night, and BITING me. (And he’s barely 5 months old, mind you, so none of this is conscious on his part and there isn’t really a way to modify his behavior, aside from reading his mind and fixing whatever it is that’s making him so discontent.)

He bit me really badly two days ago, bad enough that I’m panicking in my mind about what I will have to do if this problem gets worse. I’m not able to produce enough milk by pumping to pump exclusively for him. I think I might preemptively order some of those nipple shields. Yeah, even if I never use them, I think it will be better to have them around in case he does another angry clamp-down on my sore nipple. The pain of the abrasion he gave me is this searing, shooting pain I’d rather not make worse.

2. I got my period in the middle of the night last night. Wah, wah. 🙁 And I don’t understand why, since I breastfeed exclusively. My midwife had told me I could be fertile as soon as I missed a night feeding – and I don’t feed him for most of the night anymore. But still, since I’m still the sole source of nourishment for this growing boy, I thought my period would stay away longer.

So my to-do list now has at the top:

  • Order Diva cup online
  • Call midwives for birth control appointment
  • Oh, and order nipple shields.

As for the birth control, I think the safest thing to do while breastfeeding is the IUD … but it just gives me the heebie-jeebies for some reason, so I don’t know …. Any other suggestions?

Ha! I just might have time to shower before he wakes up!!! (She writes, just as he begins to stir in the other room …)

Me and Baby

5 thoughts on “In Baby News …

  1. This is so great, I love writing too and yes honey we need to vent sometimes, especially when you become so good at multi tasking, and all the little daily accomplishments feel oh so good!
    I am happy to see your pretty faces! You are awesome – love this blog, it makes me wanna do it too. ( if i can find some time ) Being a housewife with 3 demanding daughters plus the most demanding of them all my husband, and the only time i can write is 1:15am while trying to nurse my 2 month old Ana Belle at the same time – its going to be difficult, but not impossible…. I got my hormone free IUD and planning on keeping it for next 10 years – I got a week ago and so far I don’t even feel it’s there, it is the best birth control!
    keep experimenting with facial creams and masks, I will try them too, write about your favorites . The one moisturizer I use now I received as a gift and its homemade from Georgia and I know its all edible, not sure about ingredients but I think Olive oil and maybe some other type of nut oil? I will taste it next time I use and see if I can guess the ingredients…
    You’re doing a great job Jessie – miss you much! lots of kisses…

  2. Thought I might share a tip that worked for me. When my babies (I nursed all three) bit me I would just take them away from the breast. I would wait a few minutes and nurse again. If necessary, I pulled them away every time they bit. After a few sessions (2 times at most) they never bit again.

  3. Thanks, Terry, I’ll give that a try. Man it hurts! And it hurt for a couple of days. So far we haven’t had another major incident. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Natalie!

    Yep, 1:00 AM is a great time to write, especially if you have some kind of smart phone. It’s good to at least jot down notes about all the thoughts that run through your mind in the middle of the night while nursing. That’s also when I get my blog reading done, too.

    Actually, I don’t have that middle of the night time as much anymore. I think I’m going to bed later and not feeding him as much in the middle of the night. Plus, between 2:30-5:30 AM I tend to bring him into bed with me, so I’m not actually “up” anymore.

    I’ll keep posting about my facial masks. It’s so much fun and really surprising how much of an effect they have. I like it better than anything I’ve bought from the store. I’d really like to know what’s in your moisturizer. Maybe the nut oil is almond oil. I was going to buy some of that next. Olive oil is great for skin too. I’ve been using it on my face.

    It’s great to hear from you! Enjoy your middle of the night feedings with your little Ana Belle! It’s hard, of course, but before you know it it’s only a memory – as you know better than me. 😉

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