Banana, Cream, & Honey Facial Mask

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve become obsessed with putting food on my face in the name of beauty, having been inspired by the advice, “Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat.”

After using tomato on my face for too many days in a row – with such good results that my oily skin became a little too dry – I decided I needed a nourishing, moisturizing mask. I was also interested in using potato flour, for various reasons, so I tried this mask from Natural Beauty Care Guide that says it helps with wrinkles.


1 small banana
2 Tbs. heavy cream
1 Tbs. organic honey
1 Tbs. potato flour


Mash the banana (or use half a banana and eat the other half), and then add the heavy cream, honey and potato flour. Stir to mix well. Add a little more cream or potato flour, as needed, to get the right consistency.  Apply the mask to a clean face, including the area around the eyes, and neck. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.  Apply rosewater, if you like. You shouldn’t need a moisturizer, since the mask is hydrating. 

Things I’d Change

I felt that this made way too much product, so I plan to play around with the measurements next time. Also, I used too much potato flour and it came out too thick and doughy.  I wasn’t crazy about the lumps of banana, either, so next time I want to blend it with something electric.


Overall, I didn’t love this mask as much as my egg white, lemon, and honey mask, but it did rehydrate my skin and make it soft. It was also a very ugly mask. It was so lumpy and clumpy I felt like I was wearing horror movie make-up, and it turned brown when it dried. So don’t keep it on as long as I did!

I’ll write an update the next time I try this to tell you if it goes better.

Conclusion: An effective, but clumpy and ugly mask.


2 thoughts on “Banana, Cream, & Honey Facial Mask

  1. I haven’t. It would be so hard for me not to eat it though! I love avocado. My husband could REALLY use help in that area, too. Darn, wish I’d been into this stuff when I lived in California and had an avocado tree!

    I’ve been putting grapeseed oil on my feet. And on my baby’s bottom. I’ll blog about that eventually. But I REALLY recommend it. My feet are improving. As for the baby, I’ve switched from Vaseline to using a non-petroleum, edible product now. Don’t know if it’s compatible with cloth diapers though.

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